Allersoft Cotton Toddler Pillow, 13 x 18″, Solid, White


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What makes a pillow truly allergy proof pillow hypoallergenic means nothing in terms of true allergy sensitivity. Allersoft is a certified Allergen barrier which is used for the shell of the pillow to encase the fibers. This provides maximum Allergen relief to dust mites, dander, pollen and other allergens that can accumulate in your child’s pillow. Sleep soundly knowing that as your child grows and their susceptibility to certain allergens change, the Allersoft cotton pillow will be the safest, most comfortable pillow you can buy for them. Read more about our fabric below.


  • Get true allergen proof protection going well beyond hypoallergenic claims
  • Made in USA with Natural Cluster fiber filling and no latex
  • Child tested providing the perfect size and softness for your child
  • Allersoft Lifetime guarantee card Included
  • Made with the same Allersoft Cotton barrier which is amazon’s #1 seller of allergy proof mattress and pillow covers